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Hex nut

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 Brief introduction:The nut is provided with internal threads and it should be used with bolt, it's a machine part with internal thread and with the use of the screw, to transmits power or motion.
   Nut is a part with the bolt or screw screwed together to fasten, all manufacturing machinery must use an original. There are many kinds of nuts, we are commonly see national standard, British standard, ANSI, Japanese standard. Depending on the material of the nut, divided into several types, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, high strength, plastic steel, etc.
Surface treatment: Galvanized, copper platednigrescence, etc. 
Material quality: 40Cr45 steel35K,stainless steel, Q235(A3steel)etc.

Hardness level: 4grade, 5grade, 6grade, 8grade, 10grade, 12grade.
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