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flange nut

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Brief introduction:Flange nuts, also known as the nut with pad, flower tooth nut, hexagon flange nuts, etc. Mostly used in pipeline connection or the need to increase the contact surface of the nut on the workpiece. Flange nut is basically the same as the hexagon of nut size and thread size, but compared to hexagon nut, it is integrative of washer and a nut, and in the following of it has a anti-slip tooth pattern, so it increases the surface area of contact between nut and workpiece, compared with the ordinary a combination of nut and washer, so it's more firmly and it's pulling force is bigger.
Surface treatment: Color zinc-plated, white zinc-plated,blackk zinc-plated, and is generally cold galvanized.  
Material quality: A3 low-carbon steel,  40CR, 35Crmoa, 45#steel35K high speed steel wire.

Hardness level: 4grade, 5grade, 6grade, 8grade, 10grade, 12grade.
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