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Brief introduction:U-bolt is a non-standard part,there are twothreads at the bothend ofU-bolt, and usewith the com

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 Brief introduction:U-bolt is a non-standard part, there are two threads at the both end of U-bolt, and use with the combination of nut, mainly used for fixing tube such as waterpipe or platelike objects such as automobile leaf spring, due to the means of fixing object like people riding on horseback, so it is also known as the horse bolts.
U-bolt generally used in truck, it is used to stabilize the vehicle chassis and frame. For example, the leaf spring is connected with the U-bolt.
Main purpose: Construction and installation, mechanical fittings connectionvehicle and vessel, bridges、 tunnels and railway.
Material: Carbon steel Q235A、Q345B, alloy steel, 
stainless steel,etc. 
National standard: JB/ZQ4321-1997

Surface treatment: Galvanized, yellow zinc platednigrescence. 
Specifications: Complete specifications
Price: Telephone consultation