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Hex flange bolt

Brief introduction:It consisits ofhexagon head with flangeplateand screw, itneeds to cooperate with the nutsto fast

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 Brief introduction:It consisits of hexagon head with flange plate and screw, it needs to cooperate with the nuts to fasten two parts with through hole.
Performance and features: hexagon bolts with flange plate is to enlarge the contact area in order to increase the friction force to prevent in the process of the rotation of the workpiece loose, to relax the locking effect, then on certain occasions, hex flange bolt can replace general hex bolt with flat gasket or spring washer, and to a certain extent, it's effect is better.
Surface treatment: Galvanized, yellow zinc plated, hot dip galvanized, nigrescence. 
Material quality: 4.8grade,8.8grade,10.9grade,12.9grade,etc.
Specifications: Complete specifications
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