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Hex bolt

Brief introduction:Hex boltare also knows as machine bolts or hex cap screws They are a very common bolt when

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Brief introduction:Hex bolt are also knows as machine bolts or hex cap screws. They are a very common bolt when it comes to construction or repair. They come in a large variety of sizes and diameters. The best way to choose a hex bolt is to choose which material the bolt is made from to best suit your needs.
Applied range: Widely used in construction industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, electrical industry, coal industry.
Application scenarios: Urban infrastructure construction, Factory machinery assembly, photovoltaic support, highway fence board, Installation of anti-theft barrier, brackets, etc.
Installation of bolts: Hex bolts should be used with nuts. Mainly used for fastening, use torque wrench to tighten, so it's convenient and quick, it can be reused.
Surface treatment: Galvanized, yellow zinc plated, hot dip galvanized, nigrescence. 
Material quality: 4.8grade,8.8grade,10.9grade,12.9grade,etc.
Specifications: Complete specifications
Price: Telephone consultation