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Wood screw assembled with washer

Brief introduction:Wood screws are similar to machine screws, butthe screw thread iswood screw threadas special,can

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 Brief introduction:Wood screws are similar to machine screws, but the screw thread is wood screw thread as special, can be directly screwed into wood components (or parts), it used for fasten a metal (or non metal) part with a through-hole and a wooden component together. This connection is also belong to the detachable connection.
Main features: The advantage of the wood screw is that the consolidation ability is stronger than that of the nail, and it is desirable to remove and exchange, and it not hurt the surface of  wood , it's more convenient for use.
     This is a nail designed specifically for wood, after entering the wood, will be very firmly embedded in the wood. If the wood is not rotten, it's not possible to pull it out, even if  pull it out by force, it will bring out the nearby wood. One more thing to note is that the wood screws must be screwed in with a screwdriver, do not use a hammer, it will damage the around wood .
Surface treatment: Galvanized, yellow zinc plated, hot dip galvanized, nigrescence. 
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